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We save veterans thousands across the state by literally giving back!

VA loans are backed by the US Government and historically have low default rates, the market pays a premium on VA rates every day. The norm for most lenders and mortgage companies is to keep these premiums and charge the veteran additional fees. At VA Mortgage Alabama we believe veterans deserve more!

Whether you are refinancing or purchasing a home, VA mortgage Alabama can save you thousands! We do this by receiving fixed compensation from our lenders (compensation that is not driven by interest rates). This allows us in most cases to eliminate origination fees and absorb 3rd party fees by giving back the market premium. At VA Mortgage Alabama we do all of this AND offer interest rates lower than our competition.

We want to provide the men and women who’ve served our country real measureable value. What better way to measure value than by money saved? So give us an opportunity to show our appreciation, let us give back to you today!

We proudly support charities such as
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